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From "We couldn't spend this kind of money on technology - something that is not a core competency of ours" to "Well, all roads lead to technology!" That is the transition that my friend and logisitics company CEO made regarding his businees in just three short years. It hardly seems necessary to say it now, but it has never been more true: The proper design, creation, and successful application of technology is core to every business.

Technology development is stressful for multiple reasons: The business side isn't sure exactly what they want, the timeframe is always too short, and opportunities for rework never seem to come around.

Developers often react to this stress by hopping from job to job.

Companies and managers often try to compensate for this hopping with Cliff Bars and games. I have news for you: Your developers don't want foosball tables and free snacks. OK, well they actually do, but what they really want is to create systems that make them swell with pride.

Want to build teams that stick together for seven to ten years? Spend more time learning what makes each engineer tick...What are their hopes and dreams? Who is motivated by praise? Who is motivated when you let them work in solitude? Use the insights you glean to properly challenge and reward!

Opportunity is missed by most people

because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

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